Lakhani Insurance Agency provides a variety of different surety bonds in Buena Park and Orange County; including construction, contract, performance bonds and and more, to provide businesses and their clients a legal guarantee that work will be completed as expected, backed by the value of the bond. Our Surety Bond offerings include:

Surety Bonds for Auto Dealers
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides affordable auto dealer bonds to new, used, retail and wholesale car dealers. All types of motor vehicle dealers, as well as powersport dealers, motorcycle dealers and yacht dealers are invited to apply, good or bad credit. Financing is available.

Construction Bonds
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides construction bonds; a form of mandatory surety bond  for financial investors for large construction projects, to protect against an adverse event that causes disruptions, failure to complete the project due to insolvency of the builder(s), or to meet contract specifications.

Contract Bonds
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides contract bonds; providing financial assurance that a contractor will complete a job to satisfaction. In many regions of the world, contractors must be bonded in order to obtain a contractor's license, to ensure that work will be completed to satisfaction.

Performance Bonds
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides several types of contract bonds (construction, payment, performance, or subdivision bonds) all of which are three-party agreements between the contractor, owner as obligee, and the surety and guarantees satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor.

Subdivision Bond
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides subdivision bonds; which are required by the state or locality in which the subdivision will be built and essentially ensure that the subdivision will be built according to a mutually agreed upon contract and that the project will be completed in a timely manner.

Contractor License Bond
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides contractor license bonds, which guarantee that contractors will comply with all statutes and licenses required by the state, and most government agencies require the purchase of contractor bonds before work can begin on construction projects in certain jurisdictions.

Insurance Broker's Bond
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides insurance broker bonds, which are required by the state department of insurance, and guarantee that the insurance broker accounts for insurance premiums to their companies and the public, and protects individuals against harm by the actions of a licensed insurance broker.

License and Permit Bonds
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides license and permit bonds, which are issued per government requirements and guarantee that an entity will obey all statues and licenses required by the state government and guarantee performance. License and Permit Bond is required before a license is granted.

Mortgage Broker Bonds
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides mortgage broker bonds, which is required by the state in which a mortgage broker operates and guarantees the brokers license, which mandates that he or she will abide by the laws, rules, and regulations required under the mortgage broker licensure code.

Payment Bonds
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides payment bonds; a type of contract bond, that guarantee that a contractor will pay suppliers, laborers, and subcontractors for labor and materials. Generally, payment and performance bonds are issued together as one bond, termed a "Performance and Payment Bond".

Probate Bonds
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides probate bonds, which guarantee the duties of the administrators, trustees, guardians, executors and other fiduciaries of an estate. Probate bonds are required for the estate of deceased persons, minors, and incompetent persons. As a rule these bonds are filed in a probate court.

Sales Tax Bonds
Lakhani Insurance Agency provides sales tax bonds, which guarantee that a business will pay sales tax to the state or local government. Failure to pay collected funds or incorrect reporting can result in a bond claim. Unlike most guarantee bonds, sales tax bonds require no collateral by bonding companies.